Intimidating fonts

10-Jan-2018 02:22

All of the text is left-aligned except the page number, providing clean, consistent lines.

However, on the “Chapter Two” page, there are four different font faces, four colors, four font sizes, and each element has a different alignment — all of this creates a messy, unattractive design.

This is a visual cue, that helps readers identify the context of the text without even having to consciously think about it.

Notice that in the website below all of the text is in the same size, font, weight, and color, with little distinction.

intimidating fonts-38

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In the next image, the font, size, color, and format of each hierarchical level has been modified to be unique and stand apart from the other categories.

Alignment should be as consistent as possible and every element of your design is meant to align to one of the other elements in some way, to create equal sizes and distances between objects.

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